Day 5- L’ile aux Cerfs and more!

We left early morning at 6 am to get to Trou-d’Eau-Douce to meet the tour guy. It took us about an hour to get there and as we arrived early, Lomesh asked around if there were other people offering similar tours as he was convinced that we could find way cheaper. It turned out he was right. A handworker indicated him a tour agency at about 1 kilometer from where we were. As we arrried, he negotiated alone as he was local and spoke Creole. Finally, instead of paying 6,000 rupees (about $170) we paid 3,000 rupees. We had a full day from 9 am until 15:30 doing parasailing, scaphander helmet diving, nautic pulling and we would visit the Cerfs island and a waterfalls a few miles away from it! Morning was fun and there were not so many people, I really enjoyed the parasailing, it was the first time I was doing that, I was lovely to see the coastline from above! On the other hand, the scaphander helmet experience was not fascinating, the scaphander helmet was heavy, the pressured air was hard to breath from under water, the fun part was to feed the muticolor fish and the picture taking. They sailed us back the mainland and we had a quick lunch with Lomesh before driving to Trou-d’Eau-Douce.


On the way we found a cashmere shop called «Cashmere Design» where we found discounted cashmere clothes at factory shop. Beautiful collection I must say, at reasonable price comparing to Europe. Just to give you an example, a cashmere pullover in Europe can easily reach 600 euros but then again, it depends on the weight. The heavier the cloth, the more expensive it will be. I had a look at few interesting articles and I will defeinitely come back I thought, but first, I want to enquire with other shop to make sure there’s no scam. Then after the boat took us to «L’ile aux cerfs» a georgous little island where a great BBQ was waiting for us. We sat under a large parasol and we had roasted chicken with Indian rice, local fish and fresh local beer: «Phoenix»! It was much appreciated in such a hot weather. The boat took us to another part of the island where we bathed for an hour waiting for a third boat to the waterfall. The water was so warm about 32C it was like having a hot bath, I heared a local French African song: «T’en fais pas ma cherie, j’arrete mes conneries!»/ «Don’t you worry love, I’m stopping my bulls**t». It was coming from a tourist boat on which 3 black guys were putting this song louder, addressed to 2 black girls girls walking on the beach who were laughing and signing the main lyrics: «T’en fais pas ma cherie, j’arrete mes conneries!». That was funny)


The last boat lead us finally to this monumental waterfall where we took dozens of pictures before heading back to the port. Soon after, Lomesh lead me to «Grand Port» for the panorama and the Historical Naval Battle of «Grand Port» where 4 French ships sank 2 British ships and captured 2 other British ships back in 1810, a few months later a massive British Armada and 10,000 men headed to Mauritius. As a result, no blood was shed, instead the French governer of Mauritius (back then «Isle of France») made a Gentleman’s Agreement with the British Admiral which consisted in leaving the island to the British in return of keeping French language as the main language and the French institutions. A Britishman has one word only and the agreement was sealed. The Isle of France became «Mauritius». We then after drove few miles away to «Pont Natural Road» : a natural stone bridge facing the Indian ocean. We took several pictures at sunset gazing at the horizon! Another beautiful day on Planet Earth! Tomorrow we will head North! Hurray!

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