Day 8 – Bois Cheri Tea Factory

The weather was terrible and we decided to visit the nearby factory so we would not be stuck at home all day. Thanks to Lomesh father, we got in for free and I got the chance to learn about the fabrication process. It was very interesting to see the difference the green and the back tea. Green tea requires very little preparation: collecting the leaves, drying the leaves, cut them into pieces, ferment them, reduce them into powder. Like black tea, green tea can be mixed with cinnamon or jasmine only. The green and the back tea are made from the same green tea leave. The black tea requires a more complicated process:

1) Collecting the tea leaves 2) Drying them 3) smash them 4) cut them 5) ferment them 6) philter them 7) reduce them into powder 8) mix them with different aromas (mint or cherry or anything else) and put them into bags.

The guy who did the visit, was the chief inspector and knew everything about his factory. I also learned that the person who launched this business was a French in the late 1800. After the visit was over, he invited us to following him by car to the upper part of the factory property where stood a luxury restaurant. Inside the restaurant, we had tea degustation of all the teas the factory was producing and a couple of pancakes for free! After that, we had a look in the souvenir shop and I bought a few teas, liquors and 2 bottles of rum offered by Lomesh. That was the very best we could do on a Class 2 cyclone day)

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