Day 9 – “My dream is to fly above the rainbow… So high!”

The tornado finally died away between Mauritius island and Rodrigues and the good weather was back! Hurray! After Breakfast we went to the “Python de la petite riviere noire” trail, a few miles away from Grand Bassin, we had a 3 hours walk back and forth. The trail was a bit wet, but that was good enough to walk.

We had a beautiful view over Mauritius and we had to climb at some part of the trail. If you like outdoor activities or just walking in general, I recommend it! This trail is a must-take! There were also many monkeys which was cute! In the afternoon, Lomesh took me to Saint Hubert waterfall! This was a bit far and a bit remote, but once there… OMG! This is better than Rochester Fall and even better than you can imagine! You have to walk deep into a jungle until you reach a creek with a waterfall surrounded by tropical trees. The water is so fresh, it purifies you! Truly! Especially after sweating from a 35-degree heat!


After that, we went to “Trou-aux-cerfs” where we walked around a natural circus made of trees. Around it, there a walking and a cycling track. That’s great for families or it’s just ok to visit when you’re passing by, but no more… Tomorrow last day! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

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