Amazing Andalusia

Last summer I went on a trip round Spain. Coming from England, Spain is not exactly an adventure but I discovered a really cool and varied country. I started my journey in the South, in the region called Andalusia.

Having landed after a classic, late-night, cheap flight to Malaga, we decided the best thing to do was experience some southern Spanish nightlife. Speaking honestly, Malaga is a haven for sunburnt British people – it even has English radio and TV there –so I was not expecting much. However, I was proven wrong. The beer was cheap, shots even cheaper, and the clubs open well beyond dawn.

Bleary-eyed, I travelled inland the next morning into the more historic area of Andalusia. My main target was the world-famous Alhambra Palace near Granada. Built as a palace for the Muslim Emirs of Spain, it is huge palace complex with beautiful rooms and incredible views of the Andalusian countryside. Up a hill in southern Spain, I got a real feeling of the rich and intricate history of the country.

Down in the city, we sampled some of the finest tapas the region has to offer. Sitting in one of the many restaurants on the plaza, we tucked into patatas bravas, prawns, croquetas and chorizo, of course washed down with an Alhambra Beer. Walking off into the night towards a bar down the historic alleyways of Granada, I felt I had truly arrived in Spain.

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