Bonkers Barcelona

Barcelona was my next stop. What. A. City. I cannot think of another city that was so much fun – it felt like I was in one extended party! Of course, first and foremost, the buildings are incredible. Gaudi designed stunning, mind-melting urban landscapes. The still-unfinished Sagrada Familia goes beyond what I thought possible in a building – half cathedral, half Star-Wars set. Park Guell, with its helpful escalators to help a hungover group of students climb the hill, was unlike any park I have ever been too. I found myself constantly bumping into tiled lizards and other frighteningly lifelike animal statues.

Away from sightseeing, the city itself has so much to offer. Just strolling down La Rambla (keeping a close eye for pickpockets), you see the vibrant culture that Barcelona has to offer -food markets, street performers and even some evening firework displays! It was so nice to grab a couple of beers and sit in one of the plazas, chatting with the new friends I had made on my travels around the city.

The clubs in Barcelona need no introduction. Just walking along the beach at night it is impossible not to be pulled into one of the mega-clubs and emerge hours later into the morning sunshine. There are a few other clubs away from the sea, playing different styles of music which are also well worth a trip, my personal favourite being Otto Zutz – still a huge club but with more a laid-back feel.

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